[mythtv-users] UK Users - Freeview and Freesat on one installation?

Duncan Brown mythtv at duncb.co.uk
Thu Sep 25 21:36:24 UTC 2008

Rafael Moslin wrote:
> Exactly as Duncan says is the correct way but I found some strange 
> things happening here with this. I'm (according to others) rather odd 
> in using Myth to watch live TV and when I did the callsign/name match 
> it would not let me change channel (different multiplex) when 
> recording even though one of the tuners was available.
I've had this problem too but had no idea that was the reason, I 
installed the DVB-S at the same time as upgrading to multirec, so just 
figured it was a bug with that.

It hasn't bothered me enough to worry about, and when it happens I just 
use the menu to change inputs.


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