[mythtv-users] comcast in denver and hdhomerun

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Wed Sep 24 18:31:47 UTC 2008

> yes, i understand that is the way it is *supposed* to be but it was my
> understanding that some cable companies (comcast in particular) kind
> of play fast and loose and that requirement.  also that it is not a
> company wide policy in that the channels you get unencrypted in devner
> may be different than those you can get in phoenix, etc.  hence my
> question to anyone in the denver area and their experience.
I haven't heard of anybody encrypting the OTA broadcast channels. That is
against the law (I know, that doesn't stop them in other areas). Where
things get fast and lose is with all of the other channels. A few places
will carry all of their basic cable programs in the clear while other will
encrypt everything except the OTA channels. I am sorry I am not in Denver,
so I can't help you with those other channels, but it is safe to assume that
you will be able to get the OTA channels in the clear.
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