[mythtv-users] Cover downloads from IMDB

Matt S. skd5aner at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 16:12:48 UTC 2008

On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 9:52 AM, Damian O'Sullivan <shabba at skynet.ie> wrote:

> Who oh why oh why do people feel the need to quote a few hundered lines of
> text and then there is only 2 lines of a reply?? This thread is a prime
> example. Please please trim posts. Have a look at these posts on the web
> to see how ridculous it looks. It could easily be the difference between
> someone responding or not.

We'll - if we're complaining about off-topic stuff, I'd rather have a
good, heavily utilized web forum than a mailing list... it'd solve
almost all the issues (not trimming, top positing, etc).  But hey,
that's just me. :)


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