[mythtv-users] Problem to connect to remote backend

OJ ole at legaard.net
Wed Sep 17 03:38:25 UTC 2008

>>  I see the following line when starting mythbackend:
>>  2008-09-15 06:27:57.782 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
>>  localhost
>>  Could this mean that somewhere I have not changed from localhost to my 
>> IP
>>  address, or is this automatically since the database and mythbackend is 
>> on
>>  the same computer?

> Check your frontend for mysql.txt and/or config.xml files (check
> /.mythtv/, ~/.mythtv/ and /usr/local/share/mythtv/ amongst others) and
> check that the database server IP/DNS name is correct. As you have
> shown that you can connect from the frontend's command line to the
> remote DB server, you would appear to have sufficient access.

Yes found the mysql.txt files. It looks OK on the frontend. On the backend I 
have 2 files. one in .mythtv and one in /var/lib/mythtv. Looks like Iĉm 
using the last one. The first one is probably from the "yum installation" 
and the last from my compilation. On the backend DBHostName was "localhost". 
I changed it to my backend IP address and verbose output on mythbackend 
started using the IP address instead of localhost. Still the same problem.

What I also noticed in this file is that this lin:
is uncommented. Could that be a problem?

> Note that you should not be running MySQL on the remote frontend, as
> this complicate things.

I uninstalled the MySQL server on the frontend.

> -- 
> Nick Morrott

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