[mythtv-users] Time Warner Cable problem/NW Los Angeles area

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Sun Sep 14 15:50:29 UTC 2008

Blake wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 00:11:53 -0700, Bob Sully <rcs at malibyte.net> wrote:
>> So, I'm really no closer to an answer.  Anyone on this list had a
>> similar
>> issue with TWC in the Los Angeles area recently?  I'm hoping that all I
>> have to do is a rescan of the QAM channels (no fun, but beats the
>> alternative), and not have to start raising hell with the FCC.
> When I did a QAM scan months ago, I got next to nothing. I haven't tried
> on the new box (which is actually old, but it's new to me).

My setup was working fine until a few days ago (last time I recorded
something off QAM).  Now, I get a signal (>90% strength), but can't get a
full lock (I get a partial lock, with either "LAMc" or "La__").

>> Some of this will be less of a concern once I can use my HD-PVR with
>> Myth.
>>  But even then, I'd like to be able to use my QAM tuners for the local
>> HD
>> channels.
> A cheap aerial has worked for me so far.

Not an option for me...I'm definitely in a "fringe" area (about 30-40
miles from the transmission towers, with at least one set of large
hills/small mountains in the way of each).


Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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