[mythtv-users] How Do You Map Lower Case Chars For lircrc For MythTV?

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Tue Oct 28 21:19:59 UTC 2008

nospam312 schreef op 28-10-2008 14:21:
>> Depends on how you do it, if it's providing text input in mythtv
>> itself(e.g. search a recording by name) then if you're using a remote to
>> send an 'a' it might be converted to an 'A' because it's the first
>> letter of the line. A way to cancel that is to press the 0 key to change
>> between upper and lowercase and numbers(much like the text-system on
>> mobiles).
> I do not use the character input much but I mainly use it for changing
> the name of recordings (using the appropriate MythTV menu option) so I
> need lowercase characters.
> It looks like something is mythtv is forcing uppercase characters for
> some reason and then this means it "breaks" the Change Recording Title
> option as you can no longer enter lowercase characters?

Do you use the keyboard-function of mythtv(is it present under 20.2?) do 
you have the same problem there? Or is it only with the text/sms-style? 
If it is the latter, the 0 should help you switch between upper and 
lower case. If it is the first there is a lock-option...



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