[mythtv-users] manually defining ATSC channel (how-to?)

Misty P mistyp at thekorn.net
Mon Oct 27 21:44:26 UTC 2008

One of my local stations has announced a test digital cutover from 2-4AM in 
a couple of weeks.

Since the transmitter doesn't currently exist, I can't do an automatic 
channel scan to find it (obviously!  :) ).  But I *know* what channel they 
are going to be transmitting on (VHF 7).  I don't have any idea which 
sub-channels they're going to use, but I'd assume that sub-channel 1 would 
be used.

What do I need to do to manually define an ATSC channel ahead of time?  I'd 
rather not have to wake up at 3AM to do a channel scan if I can avoid it. 
(That way I can also do a manual recording on that channel at that time, and 
see how the reception looks without setting an alarm clock.)

Thanks in advance!

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