[mythtv-users] Remote frontend: blue screen when attempting to view TV/recordings

Alan Murrell lists at murrell.ca
Sat Oct 25 22:01:50 UTC 2008


I am currently running a Mythbuntu 8.04 server/frontend system in my living room, which is wrking fine.

I am trying to add a frontend system to one of my other rooms,a dn I have everything working fine except watching recordings or LiveTV.

I opted for a "fat" install of Mythbuntu on the remote frontend, as I was not happy with the performance of booting t as a thin client.  I have the "Video", "Music", and "Pictures" gallery mounted via NFS, and I am able to hear streamed music and watch my ripped videos, as well see my pictures.

When I attempt go into "Recordings", they are all listed, but attempting to watch one only gives me a blue screen boreded top and bottom with black bands.  Same for watching LiveTV.

When I watch one of my ripped videos, the same thing happens )blie screen/black borders) very brefly (about 2-3 seconds) when the video loads, but then I am able to play it no problem.  With the recordings, the blue screen/black borders just do not go away (I have even waled away for about 10 minutes and still no loading)

In "Setup > Settings > TV Settings", I have tried having "Always stream recordings from the backend" enabled and disabled, both on my backend and the remote frontend, but no dice.  The recordings *are* available locally on the remote frontend via the NFS mount.

If anyone has any ideas about this, I would appreciate hearing them.

Thanks! :-)


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