[mythtv-users] Attention tv_grab_uk_rt users!

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 10:49:10 UTC 2008

On 24/10/2008, David Matthews <dm at prolingua.co.uk> wrote:
> David Watkins wrote:
> > I have an issue with permanently enabling EIT data because it prevents
> > my backend shutting down on idle (it's a reported bug scheduled for
> > fixing in 0.22).  UK radio listings are not, I believe provided by
> > tv_grab_uk_rt so I'd be interested in hearing about anyone who's
> > successfully grabbing radio listing data for the UK freeview stations.
> I use EIT but with active EIT scanning turned off for all my cards.
> Active scanning visits each multiplex to extract EIT data and that's
> necessary in other countries where each multiplex only carries EIT data
> for channels on that multiplex.  In the UK, though, each multiplex
> carries a full set of EIT data for all channels.  This applies to both
> Freeview and Freesat.  So passive scanning, i.e. picking up EIT data
> while recording or watching/listening to live TV/Radio, gives a full set
> of data for all channels including radio without affecting shutting down
> on idle.

Thanks David, I missed that distinction in the settings.  I'll have a
look at fixing it tonight.

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