[mythtv-users] Is anyone using mythtv as a server for the new Internet capable TVs ?

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Thu Oct 23 16:20:01 UTC 2008

> The mythserver can serve mythtv as a html page, right ?  Usable by any

 Yes and no.   The mythbackend doesn't serve up content that way,
but the mythweb plugin is basically a webfrontend to the various
scheduling and other abilities.  And from the Recorded programs
screen you cuold in theory watch either the flash version or stream the 
full original video file, but to behonest I think that would be frought with
difficuly aand frustration unless the built in browser is very good and 
the remote very usable.

 And unfortunately that URL didn't mention any specifics about the network 
support or what if any codecs it can handle.

 You'd be better off tryinga upnp player which itself is still not as functional.

 And neither the webinterface nor the myth upnp server will serve LiveTV,
only recorded content or stuff under mythvideo.

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