[mythtv-users] Getting this working should NOT be this hard!

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 17 14:42:53 UTC 2008

James Crow wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 07:02 -0400, Harry Devine wrote:
>> On my old system, I was running Fedora 8 x64 and had an nVidia card.  I 
>> had to replace the MB and processor (long story), so the board that I 
>> have now (an ASUS M2A-VM board 
>> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131174) has an 
>> on-board ATI Radeon XPress 1250 chipset.  With that being said, I was 
>> getting the exact same behaviour with my previous setup in regards to 
>> the analog and DVB presentation. 
>> If this same thing is happening on 2 different sets of hardware, and 2 
>> different distros, doesn't that point to some sort of kernel issue?  I 
>> seem to recall reading somewhere about the newer kernels having better 
>> DVB support.  How would I get this in MythBuntu (I've always been a 
>> RedHat/Fedora guy so Ubuntu is pretty new to me).
>> Thanks,
>> Harry
> Harry,
>   I do not own the same card as you do, but I know how to get newer DVB
> drivers than what ships with Ubuntu 8.04.
>   To get updated DVB drivers on 8.04 you may want to try Martin Pitts
> PPA.
> http://martinpitt.wordpress.com/2008/06/10/packaged-dvb-t-drivers-for-ubuntu-804/
> I am running them on my main BE to support a Pinnacle 800i PCI card.
> After installing the package it will build the drivers for the currently
> running kernel. That can take a while depending on your hardware. (My BE
> AMD x2 5000 took about 30 mins)
> Thanks,
> James
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I'll give that a shot.  He mentions in that article "enable my PPA ... 
and apt install v4l-dvb-dkms".  I'm from a RedHat/Fedora background and 
I understand yum and repo files.  What's a PPA and how do I enable it on 

Thanks for the tip!  I'll let you know how it works out.

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