[mythtv-users] Getting this working should NOT be this hard!

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 17 03:06:21 UTC 2008

Steve Heistand wrote:
> } > or where ever mythbuntu puts it.
> } >   
> } Shouldn't that be a kernel thing, and therefore already be there?
> its more of an OS thing, but they are associated with the card so the OS
> wouldnt already have them. a google search for mythbuntu and the card should
> come up with info on how/where to get and put the files.
I'll look around for that.  Just seems odd that something that is 
supposed to be supported in a prebuilt distro is missing something like 
> } > this was caused by a poorly choosen interlacer when I had such a problem.
> } >   
> } Where do I find the interlacer?  And what should I try setting it to?
> in mythfrontend setup /setup / tv setup/ playback plus a few screens in.
> as for what that is personal taste and hardware capability related.
> kernel and linear are the 2 basic ones that work but may not always
> look good. though there are other settings on the same screen +/-
> that affect playback.
I don't see anything called interlacer. Is it the Playbback Profiles 
screen (screen 3)?  If so, I have mine set to Slim.


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