[mythtv-users] What hardware do I need to be able to dualrecord using Comcast cable?

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Thu Oct 16 22:08:24 UTC 2008

Over the past day or two, lots of people wrote:

> Nothing to do with hardware required to be able to dual record using  
> Comcast cable.

I tend to measure everything in terms of my happiness. I've been much  
happier with my 2.5TB storage and not transcoding than with my 500GB  
storage and transcoding all my video.

1. My machine runs quieter and cooler since it's not constantly  
processing video so I can underclock the processor and spin the fans  
2. My playback is better because my frontend machine couldn't handle  
transcoding + playback + commflag all at the same time.
3. My network is happier because I'm only commflagging on my slave  
backend instead of transcoding as well.
4. Quality is as good as it gets - I put tons of money into this  
system so I want the best video I can get (within reason).

The reason why there's a little checkbox next to Allow Transcode Jobs  
is because some people want it on and some want it off.


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