[mythtv-users] MythTV server with 4 DVB-S cards ?

Florian Bittner flo at flobittner.de
Thu Oct 16 20:24:22 UTC 2008

Am Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008 19:53:19 schrieb Linuxguy123:
> I'm an FTA guy.  We have several receivers fed from 2 satellite dishes
> with 5LNBs.
> I'm a Linux guy.  We have several PCs and laptops, all running Linux.
> My house is networked both wired and wireless.
> I'm tired of running coax everywhere I want to put a satellite receiver.
> Some of my receivers do PVR, but to a USB drive.  I'm tired of moving
> that drive around and sometimes hooking up a laptop to watch a show on a
> certain TV.
> All my photos are digital.  I want to be able to access (view) them on
> any TV.
> I think I want to marry my computer system to my FTA system by building
> a mythTV server and putting a simple htpc at every TV.
> Is it practical to build a mythTV server that operates 4 DVB-S cards ?
> Would said server be able to stream video to 4 different receivers
> simultaneously ?  Or is that too much to ask ?
> How much bandwidth does streaming take ?  2 or more of the feeds would
> be HDTV.  Unfortunately, the location of those TVs is such that their
> HTPC would use a wireless connection.  Would that work ?
> If not, is there a way to run Ethernet on coax without it being a ring
> structure ?  (I have coax running to most of the TVs...)
> Thanks
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i have 3 DVB-S cards in my server and it runs fine. Recently i upgraded to a 
quadcore, 4 gb ram and two software-raids, One for the system and one for the 
recordings. It's connected to my lan via gbit. Each card has up to 5 streams 
allowed, so i have 15 tuners shown in myth. Some channels provide HDTV via 
DVB-S. I have no problem with this setup and some recordings with live 
commercial detection. Load is most times < 1.

Before i had an Athlon 3500+ with 2 gb ram and one software raid for system 
and recordings. Most time it was fine, but with 2 hd recordings and one 
watching, it sometimes was too weak (load > 10). But i have to mention that 
on the machine there is and was also an exim with spamassassin and clamav, a 
nagios install and a groupware running. So the software raid was the primary 
bottleneck, second was the single-core cpu.

HDTV over wlan should be fine if 
	1. wlan connection is strong and
	2. there's no much traffic besides myth
My monitoring system (zabbix now) shows ~ 1MByte/sec for SDTV and ~ 2MByte/sec 
for HDTV. So a 54MBit wlan should be enough for 2 streams. But it depends 
very much on signal quality. Maybe the only way to find out is to test your 
setup in your environment.


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