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Rafael Moslin rafmoslin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 11:35:25 UTC 2008

I'm finding it difficult to argue against any of your points! Though I must
disagree when you say that I'm running out of space because I'm recording
more, well apart from the obvious element of that statement my comments
where more aimed at the move here (UK) to increasing amounts of HD content.
These recordings are taking up the additional space with an 800% increase
per hour in storage requirements over the SD DVB-T mpeg2 streams. My
original 1TB of space served me well running at about a constant 70%
utilisation for well over a year before HD happened.

You are so right about the price of storage being so cheap (500GB Samsung
Spinpoint 38, 1TB 69) but my issue is more with the greening element as
space, power consumption and the noise of extra drives being the issue
rather than the cost, and as you say using DL DVD's is not exactly cost
effective or convenient.

It's my own fault really, I will insist on keeping and re-watching every
episode of Family Guy, Skins, Shameless, Dr Who, ST TNG...

2008/10/14 Yeechang Lee <ylee at pobox.com>

> Rafael Moslin <rafmoslin at gmail.com> says:
> > Hey now that is an interesting question that F. posed, and that is
> > what is everyone's archiving strategy?
> None for me.
> > I currently struggle with constantly increasing storage space
> > requirements
> Note that, other than the occasional move to a new broadcast regime
> such as what you have seen with BBC HD, it's not like the space each
> hour of recording time grows in size over time; in some cases, the
> space requirement declines, as in my case once I deploy my Hauppauge
> You are running out of space because you are saving more and more of
> your recordings, period.
> > to the point where I now have 1.5TB and I just added another 500GB
> > to that figure this weekend as I had run out of space yet again,
> Disk space is cheap. 1.5TB drives are now US$190.
> > What I am doing to help a ltlle is to edit out lead in/out and
> > commercials then doing a lossless mpeg2 transcode,
> This does help a little bit, yes. I often do so on TV shows I keep
> after watching.
> > what I have toyed with is using the Myth archive function to create
> > an iso I can then either burn to disk or store on my server,
> 100 single-sided 4.7GB DVD+Rs sell for $25-30 at Amazon, or $0.25-0.30
> each. One 1.5TB drive equals ~300 ~5GB DVDs, so it's $75-90 for DVDs
> or $190 for a hard drive. I.e., a hard drive costs 2-2.5X the
> equivalent price of DVDs.
> Am I willing to pay such a premium for always-available access to my
> recordings without having to laboriously write to each DVD (you said
> so yourself that you don't like the quality or speed of transcoding,
> so you'd better hope every recording fits on a DVD; note that 8GB
> double-layer DVD+Rs cost more than double the price) or shuffle
> through stacks of DVDs every time I want to watch something I recorded
> 2.5 years ago, all from one unified interface? Absolutely.
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> Accessories:            47" 1080p LCD, 5.1 digital, and MX-600
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