[mythtv-users] ATi Remote and lirc not talking

Jesse Michelsen jmichelsen4 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 05:48:51 UTC 2008

I have been fighting this for a while now and I cant seem to get this 
thing functioning so I thought I would bring it to the community.
I have an ATi Remote Wonder I (5000015900A reciever is xxxxxxxxB) and I 
am running ubuntu hardy 8.04 (practically clean install aside from 
I cant get the remote to work at all with lirc_atiusb module.
I can get the remote to function as a keyboard emulator using ati_remote 
but it doesnt work as well as I hear lirc works for mythtv.

Here is what I have done:
blacklisted ati_remote
when reciever is plugged in lirc_atiusb loads and creates /dev/lircd and 
I have /etc/lirc/lircd.conf filled with an example config autogenerated 
by lirc or mythbuntu-lirc-generator, it starts by naming the remote it 
works with, which is the remote I have
also in /etc/lirc is the hardware.conf
I have tried messing around in that file but for now it is just what was 
created by lirc

I have an autogenerated ~/.lircrc and ~/lircrc (the same file, just for 
good measure) that has all the button presses for my remote. I also have 
~/.mythtv/mythtv and ~/.mythtv/lircrc with the same data.

I have started and reloaded /etc/init.d/lirc countless times. The 
results from it seem odd, sometimes it says it failed to stop or start, 
I am not sure if it is because it is already in that state but doesnt 
say so or what but eventually all the failures go away if I start/stop 
it over again. Is there a way to tell its definite status?

The irw tells me nothing, recognizes no keypresses.
Running mode2 I can get the keypresses to recognize and I matched all 
the keypresses to the config files just to make sure.

I have read over countless guides and docs looking for something I 
missed but nothing has worked so far.

If all else fails and no one has any idea about lirc, is there a way 
that I can program the remotes buttons via keyboard emulation to do do 
what I need in mythtv? eg open mythtv, change volume, fast forward, 
rewind, record, and most importantly Esc?

sorry so lengthy, I hope someone can bring something new to light
thank you everyone
and great job on mythtv, such a fantastic program

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