[mythtv-users] Failed to open /dev/video0: No such device or address

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Oct 13 01:11:14 UTC 2008

Keith Wire wrote:
> I am running FC8 ( and I installed an update a couple of weeks ago and I can't get my PVR-350 to
> work any more.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled ivtv many times but when I issue any v4l2-ctl command it fails
> with the message: "Failed to open /dev/video0: No such device or address"
> Below is some information on my problem.  Does anybody have any ideas?  The PVR-350 if 6 months old, is it possible
> that it has gone bad?

Don't know about the "dead" firmware, but have you checked that the
device actually exists, and that the permissions are correct?

Otherwise, can't you just roll back the update? Was there some
particular reason you updated? I've learned never to update a working
Myth system unless there is a specific reason to do so.


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