[mythtv-users] Varying volume in Myth

David Segall david at segall.net
Thu Oct 9 05:06:10 UTC 2008

Lee Alkureishi wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently installed mythtv on my new computer, and it's running 
> smoother than my old one with HD content. However, I'm having some 
> trouble with the sound.
> The system is:
> Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard
> Intel core2duo E6300
> 3Gb RAM
> Nvidia 7300 GT
> Onboard sound card - the TV speakers are connected to the green 3.5mm 
> jack (3.5mm --> phono cable).
> ATI HDTV Wonder
> Kubuntu 8.04 (all updates) with kde 3.5
> Mythtv installed from repositories.
> When I'm watching TV, the sound volume varies from normal to very quiet 
> and back again. It's can happen suddenly (as if I'd cut the volume by 
> 80%), or gradually (as if I slowly turned down the volume knob). When it 
> comes back up to normal, it's always gradual.
> I thought that it was limited to watching TV, but last night while 
> watching a video file the volume remained extremely low throughout the 
> hour-long video. I had to turn the TV right up so I could hear it!
> I've tried disabling myth's internal mixer, but it doesn't seem to have 
> any effect. The audio device is set to "ALSA:default". If I change it to 
> anything else in mythtv's setup, I get no sound at all.
> I hope someone here can give me a clue how to sort this out... The box 
> is otherwise working great!
I had similar symptoms with my Asus P5PE-VM on-board sound which has a 
different audio IC.  My MythTV box is in a bad location so I desperately 
hoped it was overheating. I vacuumed the fans and heat sinks and turned 
up the case fans. The problem went away but I don't really know why. One 
of the reasons I suspected hardware was that the on-board Ethernet had 
suddenly stopped working but my treatment did not cure that. :(
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