[mythtv-users] The best, coolest cases ... please weigh in ...

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Oct 3 21:59:38 UTC 2008

Colin McGregor wrote:
> On 10/3/08, Peter Pavlovich <pavlovich at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I'm looking at starting to build my own MythTV box. 

> I have had great success with Silverstone cases, having built a
> machine in a Lascala LC-13 case (now passed on to my mother), a
> Lascala LC-14 (which acts as my main frontend (FE)/backend (BE)
> machine), and a Silverstone SUGO SG02B-F (bought for use as a straight
> FE box). All three of the above cases could pass as AV equipment. The
> Silverstone SUGO SG02B-F is a small case, and in going small the
> designers did seriously limit expansion options (so not a good BE or
> BE/FE box, but can be a great FE box). So, while I do recommend the
> SUGO SG02B-F with reservations, the LC-13 and LC-14 are great all
> around cases where ever space is not a critical issue.

I'll add my hosannas for the LaScala line. I have the LC11 with IR 
receiver. Looks like an audio amplifier.

>> Also, what is the best set of hardware components that people have had good
>> success with (mainboard, CPU, video display card).
> I've been basicly happy with all the nVidia based cards from a geForce
> 5500 to geForce 7200 card I've used. I would point out, look for the
> fanless cards...

Seriously, there is no advantage and many disadvantages for any nvidia 
board above the 6000 series level. IIRC the 7300 was the last fanless 
and it ran hot.
But nvidia chips are not necessarily the best now that core2 duo type 
chips are available. Underpowered CPUS *needed* xvmc. Not so true now.
I run an intel 945GM chipset built into an Asus board. Saves one slot in 
a small box.

> In CPUs, I am finding that an Athlon 3200+ is just good enough to
> support HD (a bit faster would be nice...). So, almost any current
> generation AMD / Intel CPU should be good enough for HD. Do make sure
> you have enough RAM, my FE/BE box has 1.5 GB of RAM (which I think is
> BARE minimum for HD).

Do NOT consider anything less than a Core 2 duo. It *really* makes a 
difference. The newer Wolfedale 45nm trace chips are a lot cooler 
running. Yes to Asus boards. There is a plethora of choices in their 
board lineup. Make sure you get firewire. You may need it.

> Other bits, not that long ago one of the electronic clearance shops
> had a sale on Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700 for under $20 each. I am
> finding that to be nice when working on the MythTV box, as I can (and
> do) use the keyboard as an oversized remote control. Also there is
> something pleasantly strange about using a Microsoft product on a
> Linux box :-) .
I'm using the remote that came with the LC11 case, and a Logitech Dinovo 
bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I consider the latter as *must have* items 
  for an 'out-in-the-open' setup...No wires!

If you don't mind the case size or presence, then the Antec P180 or P182 
are just *made* for a mythbox. Large, lots of room, incredibly well 
engineered and thought out and *extremely quiet*. Did I mention that 
they are extremely quiet? Worth every dollar. I have a P182 beside the 
credenza I work at all day. I couldn't do that with the old case. It 
literally lived under a cardboard box for a while!


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