[mythtv-users] mythTV + USB MPEG Tuner + NSLU2 ?

Frank Lynch frank.lynch at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 04:05:40 UTC 2008

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Andrew Leung <andrew at ualberta.net> wrote:

> Hey Everyone,
> Thanks for the great responses. I'm new on this list and on digest mode so
> I will reply to everyone here:
> >Nick Warrington
> The box you recommended looks really sweet. The biggest problem I have with
> the NSLU2 is the ram... which the viglen box overcomes. I'll definitely
> think about it...
> http://www.viglen.co.uk/recycle/products.htm
> The order page doesn't seem to load... or is that me? Anywhere else where I
> can get one? I'm in Germany now.
> >David Watkins
> Thanks for your input. I've got 1 laying around here now which I ran debian
> on. I know what you mean by they can become sluggish. Anything that hits
> swap is a HUGE burden... I wish I could just test it now, but I don't have
> the plextor convertx with me here (it's in Japan) and I have the slug with
> me here... Just doing some due diligence on getting it setup. Sounds like
> the mysql backend sucks up a lot of the slug's resources... 32MB is REALLY
> tight...
> >Brian Wood (beww)
> aaah, cool thanks for the tip. I know what you mean... nice toy, but
> nothing to do anything TOO serious with... again, too tight on RAM...
> >Marc Randolph
> Do you need transcoding?  Commercial flagging?  Do you do much
> scheduling?  Run Mythfilldatabase?  Host mythweb? Server media over
> NFS OR Samba to watch your show while doing any of the above?
> Transcoding: no.
> Commercial flagging: no.
> Scheduling: yes. (esp searching for title matches in listings)
> Mythfilldatabase: yes.
> mythweb: yes.
> Serve media: no.
> I have a feeling from some of the other responses, having the slug JUST
> doing the read and write of the video stream will be taxing the poor slug...
> then adding in some more mysql stuff and mythfilldatabase will be PRETTY
> heavy... so this starting to be come clearer.
> Thanks for your response!
> andrew

Hi Andrew, All,
I have very similar situation. Let me give a little more background on my
use case. I'm an expatriot from Ireland living in Boston. There are a couple
of Irish TV shows that I dearly miss and would do almost anything to get, so
I'm thinking about building and deploying a mythtv server in a family
members house in Dublin and have it upload a couple of shows a week to me
here in Boston (we're lucky enough to have somewhat reasonable internet
connections on both sides). I'm ideally looking for a really low power,
fanless, appliance like device that I can deploy behind a TV. So as you
might imagine the NSUL2 is very interesting to me, but I'm also concernet
about running a scheduler and mysql on such a bare bones machine. I actually
preform the form factor of the LinkSys NAS 200 (http://url.ie/xsx) as you
can deploy sata drives directly into it (rather than having to power
externals). Another option that I'm considering is the Azuz EEE box (
http://url.ie/xsz), has anyone experience or opinions on how that would be
as a server?
I've run mythtv here in Boston for several years, with hauppage pvr 350 and
firewire sources, if folks could recommend a good usb device that can
capture PAL video from an analogue signal (in Ireland) that would also be
greatly appreciated.
thanks & regards,

PS - I've also emailed the folks at viglen.co.uk for pricing
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