[mythtv-users] mythTV + USB MPEG Tuner + NSLU2 ?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Nov 26 04:46:46 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008 21:05:40 Frank Lynch wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Andrew Leung <andrew at ualberta.net> wrote:
> > Hey Everyone,
> >
> > Thanks for the great responses. I'm new on this list and on digest mode
> > so
> >
> > I will reply to everyone here:
> > >Nick Warrington
> >
> > The box you recommended looks really sweet. The biggest problem I have
> > with the NSLU2 is the ram... which the viglen box overcomes. I'll
> > definitely think about it...
> > http://www.viglen.co.uk/recycle/products.htm
> >
> > The order page doesn't seem to load... or is that me? Anywhere else where
> > I can get one? I'm in Germany now.
> >
> > >David Watkins
> >
> > Thanks for your input. I've got 1 laying around here now which I ran
> > debian on. I know what you mean by they can become sluggish. Anything
> > that hits swap is a HUGE burden... I wish I could just test it now, but I
> > don't have the plextor convertx with me here (it's in Japan) and I have
> > the slug with me here... Just doing some due diligence on getting it
> > setup. Sounds like the mysql backend sucks up a lot of the slug's
> > resources... 32MB is REALLY tight...
> >
> > >Brian Wood (beww)
> >
> > aaah, cool thanks for the tip. I know what you mean... nice toy, but
> > nothing to do anything TOO serious with... again, too tight on RAM...
> >
> > >Marc Randolph
> >
> > Do you need transcoding?  Commercial flagging?  Do you do much
> > scheduling?  Run Mythfilldatabase?  Host mythweb? Server media over
> > NFS OR Samba to watch your show while doing any of the above?
> >
> > Transcoding: no.
> > Commercial flagging: no.
> > Scheduling: yes. (esp searching for title matches in listings)
> > Mythfilldatabase: yes.
> > mythweb: yes.
> > Serve media: no.
> >
> > I have a feeling from some of the other responses, having the slug JUST
> > doing the read and write of the video stream will be taxing the poor
> > slug... then adding in some more mysql stuff and mythfilldatabase will be
> > PRETTY heavy... so this starting to be come clearer.
> >
> > Thanks for your response!
> > andrew
> Hi Andrew, All,
> I have very similar situation. Let me give a little more background on my
> use case. I'm an expatriot from Ireland living in Boston. There are a
> couple of Irish TV shows that I dearly miss and would do almost anything to
> get, so I'm thinking about building and deploying a mythtv server in a
> family members house in Dublin and have it upload a couple of shows a week
> to me here in Boston (we're lucky enough to have somewhat reasonable
> internet connections on both sides). I'm ideally looking for a really low
> power, fanless, appliance like device that I can deploy behind a TV. So as
> you might imagine the NSUL2 is very interesting to me, but I'm also
> concernet about running a scheduler and mysql on such a bare bones machine.
> I actually preform the form factor of the LinkSys NAS 200
> (http://url.ie/xsx) as you can deploy sata drives directly into it (rather
> than having to power externals). Another option that I'm considering is the
> Azuz EEE box ( http://url.ie/xsz), has anyone experience or opinions on how
> that would be as a server?
> I've run mythtv here in Boston for several years, with hauppage pvr 350 and
> firewire sources, if folks could recommend a good usb device that can
> capture PAL video from an analogue signal (in Ireland) that would also be
> greatly appreciated.
> thanks & regards,
> --Frank
> PS - I've also emailed the folks at viglen.co.uk for pricing

The Plextor ConvertX PX-TV-402U can do that. I've seen them on sale cheap 
lately, probably due to the impending analog demise. You'd probably have to 
replace the AC adapter, but it can do PAL.

Do you mean analogue as in RF or baseband?

I'd guess most any UHF capture device can deal with PAL, I'm not sure about 
the UK RF frequencies though.

beww at beww.org

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