[mythtv-users] Maplin twin tuner DVB-T USB Stick?

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 10:13:33 UTC 2008

> But I believe that France has started broadcasting h.264 HD on DVB-T,
> for example, they just have to limit the number of channels inside
> multiplexes in order to get the proper bandwidth.
> DVB-T2 will mainly allow for more bandwidth per multiplex, once it is
> finalised.
> >
> > So is the device DVB-T2 (the twinhan spec implies not)? or is HD
> > Freeview not necessarily going to be incompatible with DVB-T? or are
> > Maplin being misleading?
> The UK is waiting for DVB-T2 before boadcasting HD on its terrestrial
> network.
> nico


I know HD is possible over DVB-T because I recorded a few shows during
the Crystal Palace trial a year or so ago.  I just wondered what the
UK was planning to use - and now I know.


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