[mythtv-users] 2 questions about under the stairs solution.

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Fri Nov 7 13:15:47 UTC 2008

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>Jens.Peder.Terjesen at devoteam.com wrote:
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>> >Hey Guys.
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>> >I've tried to ask these questions before - but haven't got any
>> >answers -
>> >so trying again.
>> >
>> >I have a build my own setup with a under the stairs solution with
>> >BE
>> >placed in my garage and the frontends placed by the TV's.
>> >My Backends have 2 hauppauge HVR-4000 DVB-S
>> >
>> >1. question:
>> >My frontends run with sound out i optical.
>> >But When choosing the AC3 sound from the DVB-S - there's no sound
>> >but
>> >the normal MPEG2 sound is fine.
>> >Since everything just runs through and out - my guess is that the
>> >problem is somewhere in the backend and about the DVB-S.
>> >Is there any settings that I should be aware off - make different
>> >anything in my BE - to make it possible to get the AC3 sound from
>> >BE
>> >to the FE ????
>> >Caurse each time I chose the digital AC3 - there's no sound.
>> >Since I'm running on a Asus EEE b202 the soundoutput is the same -
>> >
>> >matter weather it's MPEG2(minijack) or AC3(optical)
>> >
>> >
>> >2.question.
>> >How come I cannot switch my subtitles ???
>> >No matter what and how I enable my subtitles - it's keep beeing on
>> >Swedish subtitles (and needing danish) I can go down i the menu
>> >choose danish - but no mark is set and it's keep beeing in swedish
>> >instead.  So what is the problem and can I do anything about that?
>> >Normally I enabled subtitles - and its on Swedish ( no 1) then
>> >down
>> >to dvb-s subtitles and chooses danish - But somehow its like it
>> >
>> >register it - and keeps beeing on swedish subtitles.
>> >I have tried once - that it change (without I touched anything) to
>> >danish - but that happens only once.
>> >
>> >Is there somehow somewhere something I can do about that problem.
>> >
>> >Otherwise it's a great system that I'm very very pleased with.
>> >
>> >Thanks in advance
>> 1. Have you enabled AC3 passthrough? It is in the FE settings,
>> in General or TV playback if I remember correctly.
>Yes - I have - and I have surround - when playing a DVD from the

What are sound device and passthrough device set to in the FE?
I have always used ALSA:default as sound device and Standard as passtrough
device and it has worked for both DVD and DVB. But when I tested this
morning with choosing AC3 soundtrack from DVB there was no sound. Setting
the passtrough device to IEC958 made it work again.

>> 2. Have you set the language to Danish? There are two settings, one
>> for the GUI which is usually set the first time you start the FE,
>> one under Appearance that selects language in EPG and subtitles.
>> You can also try to select the teletext subtitle language instead
>> the DVB subtitle language.
>I've checked several times - but the languague in the GUI are  danish
>I believe taken from the first time i startet the frontend.
>But allso in Appearance - the main language are danish. But only
>I've discovered if I go to a channel to see a movie - select the
>subtitles (its shown swedish)
>I shall change to another channel and then go back - then sometimes
>subtitles are danish. But not each times.

But are you trying to switch DVB or teletext subtitles?

>So having really a hard time playing with these problems - caurse
>they're quite important to me.
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