[mythtv-users] VIA EPIA EX for mythtv front+backend (newbie)

Wouter van Atteveldt wouter at 2at.nl
Fri May 30 12:41:40 UTC 2008

> I'm using that very board with a pentium-m 750. Everything seems to be
> working out of the box with ubuntu 8.04, including dvi out to the hdmi
> port of my tv. The only bad things about the board I've encountered so
> far are:
> 1. The included cpu fan is very noisy. I've used a fanmate to slow it
> down to acceptable levels without the temperatures getting scary.

I was hoping to replace the fan with a passive heat think, do you think that would suffice to cool a M processor? Otherwise, I guess there are plenty of more silent fans that can be bought...?

> 2. The onboard video has a maximum xv image width of 1024 pixels, so
> while the processor might well be able to manage 720p decode you can't
> actually display it. This isn't a problem for me at present

Hmm, I think my TV is W-XGA (1.366 x 768). What exactly does an xv image mean? Will the normal linux display be at max resolution but the video playback not? If not, will it be displayed full screen? Will I actually notice this given the fact that I am using analog signals at the moment?

> but I
> suspect it would be fairly easily fixed with a pci nvidia card.

Hmm I was planning to buy a case that can only handle a single extension card, so I would have to choose between video card and capture card.... I guess I could decide to separate FE and BE at some point and run a proper linux machine somewhere in a closet, but at first I want to stick to a single machine solution.

> If you need any more detail just ask.

Thanks! :-)

-- Wouter

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