[mythtv-users] Myth setup for hdtv - config help

Simon Allcorn simon.allcorn at gmail.com
Thu May 29 12:52:04 UTC 2008

>>Please do not top post, it makes things confusing..
Sorry, it's the default in gmail - fixed

>>Are you using an nVidia card? If so have you set up XvMC? If so does it
impact this at all?
No, it's an on board intel i810 - I believe it does support XvmC although
I'm not sure if I'm using it or not.
>>Is there a sample (1440x1080i 16:9, H.264 with MBAFF) video anywhere? I
would like to test it out on my new frontend.
Not that I know of, but I could scp a snippet to you if you want.
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