[mythtv-users] Mytharchive produces corrupt isos

Brian Phillips brian.phillips at gmx.net
Thu May 22 22:00:32 UTC 2008

I have a set of .nuv transcoded from MPEG2 to MPEG4 using my backend.  I'm
now trying to put them back to MPEG2 for a DVD collection.  I tell my
backend where the recordings are at, it finishes without complication, and
leaves me with a mythburn.iso file in the /work/ directory.

I can mount this iso in linux using 'mount -o loop mythburn.iso /directory'
and copy the VOB files out and view them.  They seem to play fine.  But when
I try playing the ISO with mplayer, internal player, or copying it to
windows and mounting it with an image drive it tells me the iso file is
corrupt.  Mplayer and the internal player crash without error messages.

Has anyone had this problem?  I have many other ISOs produced from ripping
my DVDs and those play fine in the internal player and mplayer.


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