[mythtv-users] motion blur with Bob, XvMC (nvidia) on 1080i content run at 576i

Misty P mistyp at thekorn.net
Thu May 15 17:38:31 UTC 2008

David Schlenk wrote:
> The problem
> So my crappy TV doesn't really handle 1080i very well. Its blurry and
> squished due to it being 4:3 not 16:9. (If someone wants to suggest
> how to unsquish it that's cool, although I'm fine running at 576i).

I believe the answer to that question was just posted to another thread:


> So my questions: Should I be running at a different virtual
> resolution? How would I do that? Why isn't BOB doing its thing? I've
> read that if something isn't clocked high enough it won't work but
> there aren't any errors in the output that would point me in that
> direction.

Remember that Bob can only run if the display frame rate is 2x the source. 
i.e. if your TV is 60 hz, and the (deinterlaced) signal is 30 hz.  If the 
incoming picture is 60 hz (i.e. 720p) and your tv refreshes at 60 hz, bob 
can't do anything for you.

But if you 'unsquish' your display, and run it at say 1024x768 at 60 hz, 
that may open up a whole raft of possibilities.  (Going to be mostly 
dependent on what your TV will accept.)

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