[mythtv-users] backend thinks there is a frontend watching livetv

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Thu May 15 14:12:10 UTC 2008

> Do you have any other frontends or is this your only Myth machine?

I have a dedicated backend, and 2 dedicated frontends, all just normal
linux boxes.

> I've had
> trouble getting XBMC to view my shows via the native myth:// setup - XBMC
> will crash out after trying to view live TV but my BE thinks the XBMC boxes
> are still connected and watching live tv. I have to restart the backend to
> clear it out. Not sure if there's a more elegant way to fix it.

Perhaps the frontend should be modified to ping the backend
periodically, and if the backend doesn't hear from the frontend for a
while, then just disconnect it.


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