[mythtv-users] 0.21: Issue with freezing LiveTV

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Sun May 4 20:30:48 UTC 2008

Hi *,

I have quite annoying issue with freezing LiveTV.

When freeze occurs I can bring up OSD and OSD shows progress of LiveTV 
buffering time and playback time is constant. Bahaviour is infact 
exactly the same like paused LiveTV. Pressing pause/play changes 
nothing. Solution is only quit LiveTV and enter again. Also I have 
impression that freeze moment is corelared with programm change.

I was tested various SVN versions counting that maybe it is bug and 
maybe issue is resolved. Unfortunately issues is still present.
Now I'm on 0.21-stable SVN 17166.
As problem is quite annoying for family - do somebody have idea how to 
minimize this effect.

My setup:
-Knoppmyth r5f27 upgraded to 0.21 via src compile
-BE is 0.21-fixes SVN 17190, 3xPVR250
-FE is MiniMyth 0.21-fixes SVN 17166.

Thx for advance


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I have been fighting with this problem as long as I have been dealing 
with myth.
Never found a good answer.

With 0.20 I saw freezing very often, and with every channel.

Now, after moving to .21 svn, problem seems to partially gone away. Some 
time ago (with older svn revision) I got freezing with two specific 
channels, and quite seldomly. But it allways happened during program change.

Now, with latest upgrade, I have not faced problem anymore. But I don't 
use those two channels very often, so maybe problem is still there 

But, biggest help was enabling "extra audio buffering" in setup -> tv 
settings -> playback.
Without that, I still get freezing very often, and with any channel. So, 
I think bottomline of this issue is related to audio buffer became empty 
in program change.

- Kane

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