[mythtv-users] Backend crashes all the time

Mogens Kjaer mk at lemo.dk
Tue Mar 4 08:17:13 UTC 2008

tim at electronghost.co.uk wrote:
>> During the last week, I've had several
>> crashes on my backend.
> I get these too, though I've added a bit of code to make them happen
> earlier while looking for the cause. My investigations suggest some kind
> of memory scribble. I've posted a bit of information to Ticket #4820
> (which may yet turn out to be the wrong ticket for it, but never mind :-)
> I can provoke it quite quickly by channel hopping, as it tends to happen
> on a channel change in LiveTV, and specifically on a corrupted SIGNAL
> message. Is that where you get it?

Channel change yes, corrupt SIGNAL message, no, I'm not sure about that.

It also happens during/after recordings when there's no LiveTV watching.


Mogens Kjaer, mk at lemo.dk

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