[mythtv-users] COnfused: Backend IP change kills recording

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Mon Jun 30 21:03:01 UTC 2008

When I ran my Mythbuntu install, it set the MythTv and the MasterServer 
IP addresses

This is, as I understand, OK for a single front/ backend combination.

Now I wanted to run a second remote frontend. According to the MythTV wiki


IP address for mythtv

Enter the IP address of this (backend) machine. Use an externally 
accessible address if you are going to be running a frontend or Slave 
Backend on a different machine than this one. (ie, not 
MythTV is made up of two major components, the Backend and the Frontend. 
If you run the Backend and Frontend on the same machine then you can 
leave the setting at its default value of This is referred to 
as the local loopback address which is reserved for networking within a 
single machine. If you run multiple frontends, or run frontends over 
network connections on different machines, then you will need to set 
this to the backend machines' static IP address. This value will be 
determined by your TCP/IP Network addressing scheme.

For the Master IP address it says
The IP address of the master backend server. All frontend and non-master 
backend machines will connect to this server. If you only have one 
backend, this should be the same IP address as above. [/QUOTE]

Here's my problem; if I change the IP address to the backend PCs IP 
address, I can access the backend OK remotely.

However, I cannot record or set recording schedules. In fact, all the 
existing recording schedules disappear!!

If I put the IP addresses on the backend back to (localhost) 
my recording schedules are back and I can record again.

Not being the sharpest tool in the shed I am totally confused about this 

Any help?



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