[mythtv-users] Status Update on SageTV HD Extender STX-HD100?

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Mon Jun 30 20:52:14 UTC 2008

>The goal would be to get a full mythtv frontend running on the sage
>extender. The GPL code released for the sage extender includes the
>patches to ffmpeg to enable it to use the hardware decoding, so i
>don't think that will be the most difficult part. Much more difficult
>(impossible?) would be getting to the point where we could run our own

That's interesting. If they have really included the patches to 
ffmpeg that enable hardware decoding, this would be the very first 
open source Linux box to offer hardware assisted mpeg4/h.265 decode.

There is nothing out there in the "open source land" that can do 
hardware assisted mpeg4/h.265 decode. Zero, nada, zip.

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