[mythtv-users] Connection timeout

Gino Heusdens gino at heusdens-ulenaers.be
Mon Jun 30 20:36:42 UTC 2008


I recently reinstalled my server on a new machine. Since I get the 
following error on my frontend machine:

    2008-06-30 22:28:13.874 Connecting to backend server:
    (try 1 of 5)
    2008-06-30 22:28:13.874 Connection timed out.         
                You probably should modify the Master Server
                settings in the setup program and set the   
                proper IP address.

What I tried:
- Changed the bind-adress in my.cnf to the ip of my backend server
- Recreated database and users from scratch
- Checked the settings of the backend and frontend (different machines)
- Used the mysql command to connected to the database server with the 
mythtv user (connection and permissions seems to be
  ok, for example I can execute SELECT * FROM settings;)

Still I haven't found any solution...

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