[mythtv-users] TVOverScan not working?[SOLVED???]

Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 19:41:52 UTC 2008

Alen Edwards wrote:
> Thanks for the help.  Replies are bottom posted below:
>>     A quick cookbook on making the slider stick would be nice although
>>     the help file looks pretty simple.  Easy for me to say, I haven't
>>     started doing it yet.
> It wasn't easy.  In fact, nothing worked as described.  Nothing.
>> The nvidia-settings are not loaded automatically when you restart your 
>> x server. To get them to load automatically you just need add 
>> "nvidia-settings -l" somewhere during your x start up. I put it in 
>> ~/.xinitrc.
> I don't have any file named "xinitrc" or ".xinitrc" on my system.  I am 
> thinking that is not how it is done in Mythbuntu...
> I tried several other (non working) suggestions and finally found a post 
> I translated from German that said to modify /etc/gdm/Init/Default.  
> That worked!!! 
> I added:"nvidia-settinge -a TVOverScan[TV-0]=12" just before "exit"
> Is this a good way to do it???
> btw, I didn't use the "nvidia-settings -l" option because 
> nvidia-settings was not saving the settings as it should.  When I looked 
> at the file ".nvidia-settings-rc" nothing about TVOverScan was there.  I 
> experimented and found a command that would do what I wanted and took to 
> finding a place to load it.
>> It sounds like you are running Mythbuntu or Ubuntu. 
> Correct
>> The hardware drivers dialogue will load the proprietary nvidia drivers 
>> from the Ubuntu repositories. If you have installed the nvidia drivers 
>> some other way, like with Envy or straight from Nvidia then the 
>> hardware drivers dialogue will show that they aren't being used, 
>> because you aren't using the default proprietary drivers from the 
>> Ubuntu repositories. So even if that dialogue says they aren't 
>> enabled, you may still have the drivers installed from some other source.
> You are correct.  I don't use the drivers loaded in the normal way 
> because my system will not boot if I do.  I disabled them there (which 
> uninstalls them) and loaded them with evnyng.  That works.
> I think I am done unless I have problems because of modifying 
> "/etc/gdm/Init/Default"
> Allen
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If you're using gdm, then are you using gnome also? Because if so, a 
very easy way to fix the problem for me was just to add the 
nvidia-settings command to the start up programs in my gnome session. 
I've been running it like that in various flavors of ubuntu for years....

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