[mythtv-users] TVOverScan almost working. Where do I put the command?

Harry Orenstein holists at verizon.net
Sat Jun 28 13:46:01 UTC 2008

On Saturday 28 June 2008 02:49:24 am Alen Edwards wrote:
> > use the slider in nvidia-settings.  TVOverScan is deprecated.
> Nvidia-settings isn't working the way the documentation says it should.
> However, I guessed at a setting that seems to work from the command line:
> nvidia-settings -1 TVOverScan[TV-0]=12 gives me what I want.
> Now, I just need to put it somewhere that will run automatically when X
> starts.  The documentation says to put it in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
> That doesn't work.
> Where can I put this simple command line so that it will run when I start
> X?
> Allen
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This is where I put it on my system:

$ cat .Xclients
#! /bin/bash

/usr/bin/nvidia-settings --load-config-only &

# Created by Red Hat Desktop Switcher

if [ -e "$HOME/.Xclients-$HOSTNAME$DISPLAY" ]; then
    exec $HOME/.Xclients-$HOSTNAME$DISPLAY
    exec $HOME/.Xclients-default

-- Harry O.

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