[mythtv-users] User Jobs and Storage Groups

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Sat Jun 28 08:12:04 UTC 2008

>> I am writing a script to run as a user job. I need to operate on a
>> recorded program file. How can I tell which folder the file is stored in
>> from the User Job? According to the wiki %DIR% is the path to the
>> recording directory. However, is this correct whatever storage group the
>> recording is in, or just for the Default group?
> %DIR% will be the actual directory of the file if the JobQueue was able
> to find the file when it searched (using the normal Storage Groups
> search routines).  If the JobQueue couldn't find the file, it will
> fallback to returning a myth://host:ip/filename reference.  This will
> happen if your JobQueue server doesn't have the necessary storage
> directory mounted or if your Storage Groups config is incorrect and
> doesn't list the proper local pathnames.
>> Alternatively, is there a variable I can use in a user job to determine
>> which storage group a recording is in?
> There is no %STORAGEGROUP% or equivalent match to get the Storage Group
> name, but you really shouldn't need it since you have the actual %DIR%.
Thanks. I'll update the wiki later to make this clear.


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