[mythtv-users] Needing Help with get Video working right

C E list.spiritssight at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 04:43:11 UTC 2008

Thanks for the response,
belo0w I tryed to answer the questions that you ask of me, also just so you
and others know I am very very new in this linux thing I am a windows person
switching over.

> What are you trying to do?  What kind of display are you
I am tryihng to get my displays to work the way thiey should, resolution
that i. :-)

> using? ie: plasma, lcd monitor, crt, projector, etc...
I am using two monitors one is from the laptop its self 15.4 TFT I think its
says XGA in the bios and the other monitor is a NEC MulitSync LCD 1920nx

> What kind of connection from your mythfrontend to your
> display are you using?  ie: DVI, D-sub, Component,
> Composite, S-video...
VGA for the NEC and well the other is the laptop one :-)
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