[mythtv-users] MythTV, phpMyAdmin and German umlauts

Torsten Crass torsten.crass at eBiology.de
Fri Jun 27 18:04:48 UTC 2008


> The entire mechanism used for character encoding in MythTV is changing 
> significantly between 0.21 and 0.22, so the development version of Myth 
> If nothing else, 0.22 should fix a bunch of the issues (and those that 
> remain are far more likely to be reported).

thanks for the detailed background info on this issue. I'm not going to 
use phpMyAdmin on mythconverg until 0.22. Promised. ;-)

Fortunately, I am quite confident that I didn't severely corrupt my 
database since I didn't change any MySQL server-based character set 
parameters. It's just a dozen or so entries in the recorded table that 
will now have some funny title/subtitle/description entries due to my 
phpMyAdmin attempts, and that should be rather easy to fix using either 
the frontend or the mysql shell.

Thanks again for your exhaustive reply --


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