[mythtv-users] Flashplayer problems in www on myth [partial solution]

Alen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Fri Jun 27 04:33:04 UTC 2008

> I replaced my web browser menu item to EXEC /usr/bin/firefox so I  
> don't bother with MythBrowser at all. It still "feels" like MythTV  
> since I launch it from the myth menu and Myth comes back when I am  
> done with the browser. :)
Did firefox start when you did "Information Center" -> "www" ?  I did 
exactly what you did and it would not start firefox from within the 
"www" menu.  Perhaps I missed something.

> You need to play with your alsa (or whatever sound system you're  
> using) settings to get the sound to work in Firefox. I never got mine  
> working in x86_64. I switched to i386 and it started working. I'm lazy.
> -Brad
I think what you are saying is that I need to configure alsa default 
device to output to spdif so that even without passthrough, I get 
spdif.  This is a subset of what is in the alsa wiki in the section for 
multi.  However, as far as I can tell that documentation doesn't work.  
I have not seen anyone say it works and I have seen many say they could 
not get it to work.  I got spdif working fine with passthrough, but not 
through alsa itself.  That works fine for MythTV but firefox doesn't 
seem to support passthrough.  If you know some documentation that works 
I would love to know about it.


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