[mythtv-users] Flashplayer problems in www on myth

allen edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Thu Jun 26 21:32:20 UTC 2008

I have a number of problems revolving around flash player.  Hope I can 
get some help.

The good news first:  I have flash player 10 installed in Firefox 3 
playing analog sound out of my sound card.  Other good news, I got 
Mythflix working.  Just going down the list.  Good day to do that as I 
can't go outside because of all the smoke in the air from the 800 
brushfires we have around here.

First Problem:

I cannot get flash to play in "Information Center" -> "WWW" web pages 
within Myth.  I can get the web page I want but when I click on what 
would start the flash video in Firefox, I get a message about needing to 
install the latest version of flashplayer.  If I click on that, the 
screen fills up with what I would guess is the downloaded binary (not 

I have found postings that say I need to turn on video playback by doing 
this "Settings" -> "Mythweb" -> "Video Playback"  After looking all over 
the myth interface and finding nothing, I found such a menu thread on 
the mythweb interface (accessed from a remote computer) so I don't think 
that is the same www interface I am interested in.

Second Problem:

I don't use analog outputs from myth.  I use spdif.  Nothing comes out 
the spdif port from Firefox.  There must be some way to do this but I 
can't find it.  I see some posts that date back to 2006 but am reluctant 
to chase them as that has not proved fruitful in the past.  As a work 
around I can use an external switch to bypass my external spdif decoder, 
but that isn't very convent.

Third Problem:

I cannot get full screen with flash on Firefox.  I think this is an 
Adobe bug.  On my prototype, I back loaded Flash player 9 but it had a 
new problem.  Before I go through all that again just to remember why it 
didn't work, anyone know the story here?



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