[mythtv-users] Compatibility with HDTV card

Harry Orenstein holists at verizon.net
Wed Jun 25 02:18:48 UTC 2008

> Well you can try an intermediate solution.
> Rename the mythbackend script to something like z_mythbackend and update
> the scripts using
> update-rc.d z_mythbackend defaults
> (at least on debian that's how it works)
> This would insure that during boot the mythbackend would load last (at
> least on debian it goes by alphabetical order after going by runlevel).
> I was doing this at one point as one thing that mythbackend needed was
> being loaded afterwards and the mythbackend startup was always quietly
> failing.
> Sorry I can't give more Fedora specific help.
> -raphy
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The equivalent on Fedora is the runlevel.  I already changed it to 96, which 
was a high as I was willing to go.  Only hald, local and smartd have a higher 

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

-- Harry O.

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