[mythtv-users] Comcast to drop analog cable

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Wed Jun 25 00:54:33 UTC 2008

Brian Wood wrote:
> A lot of ISPs, especially the cable companies, block port 25 on residential 
> accounts. This is not so much to prevent your running a mail server as it is 
> to render consumer boxes unattractive to spammers since even if they can hack 
> into the machine they can't use it to send mail.

It's not very smart on their part if that's the goal.  Blocking port 25
*inbound* does nothing to stop *outgoing* spam.

I currently have DSL from Speakeasy.  I have a static IP with no ports
blocked, but I go through their mail servers for outgoing mail anyway.
A lot of sites block mail from IPs that are inside DSL, cable, and
dialup pools, and the blocklists they subscribe to generally don't want
to mess with whitelisting individual IPs inside a pool.

I pay about $60/month, more than I was paying Comcast, but the service
is much more reliable and the support is better.  When I have a problem
and call technical support, I get someone right away who knows what's
going on and can take action.  With Comcast I would repeatedly get
people who had no power to fix anything, and would just tell me to
reboot my computer or go get a new cable modem.

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