[mythtv-users] Processor Minimum Specs

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Wed Jun 25 00:21:59 UTC 2008

John Williams wrote:
>> i'm still working on this myself :)  but i think i can lend a hand.
>> the 'recommended minimum' processor for HD is currently an Intel
>> Core2Duo @ 2.5GHz.  i say 'recommended minimum', but i don't think
>> that that's actually stated anywhere.  that's just what i've gleaned
> I'd also like to hear about the AMD procs. I have been an AMD guy for a
> while and while I'm not totally loyal I have had good results and am pretty
> price sensitive at this point. I would expect to be using 2 - 3 Hard drives.
> all IDE. I have a 500 GB on my desk I never opened from a while back. and
> will use it and my main drive on my current machine for recordings in LVM.

Since you're talking about a combined FE/BE with 2 tuners, and mentioned 
transcoding and viewing simultaneously, then I would agree with the 
others that say you are best off with a dual-core setup.  Any AMD 
dual-core would be fine, even an older one, like for socket 939, 
especially with OTA or QAM recordings in MPEG2.   If you're looking to 
buy new, any AMD dual-core available would work.

Any Nvidia card from the 6200 on up should be fine, in combination with 
the Nvidia propietary driver.  Folks have good luck with some of the 
Intel graphics, as well.

Separate your OS drive from your recordings, like you mentioned as well. 
  You may want to investigate MythTV's storage group feature instead of LVM.

In my own setup, I have a dedicated backend and 3 separate frontends, so 
  they can be less powerful.

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