[mythtv-users] Comcast to drop analog cable

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Wed Jun 25 00:13:47 UTC 2008

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 June 2008 16:48:28 Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> .
>> AFA running servers, yes, my ISP says "no servers", but the salesman who
>> sold me the account told me that small (non-commercial) servers would
>> probably not be noticed.
> Should have got him to put that in writing. I wouldn't want to depend on "not 
> being noticed".


> I think my ISP actually scans port 80 on residential accounts and sends 
> nastygrams to offenders suggesting a business account.

RCN just turned it off.  Personally, I think it was to stop everyone, 
but they used CODE RED as an excuse to actually do it.  They *do* 
suggest using the WWW service on their servers as they have greater 
bandwidth, but you can't do everything on their servers that you can do 
on your own.

>> That was true right up until CODE RED and they blocked port 80 inbound,
>> and the later blocked port 25 outbound.  While the former only prevents
>> me from running a WWW server on the default port, they aren't blocking
>> https yet (nor any http on any non-standard port).  And the latter only
>> requires that I send all of my port 25 email out through them as well.
>> They are not blocking any of the usual alternate ports for these services.
> Obviously you could get mail out by going through another smtp server on an 
> alternate port. Apple actually gives instructions for doing this if you want 
> to go through Apple's mail server.

Yes, I'm well aware, but I'm still trying to get the alternate ports on 
my mail server working from outside my firewall (but that's a discussion 
for a different email list).

> If the agreement you signed says "no servers", and you are running servers, 
> you are on very thin ice as far as complaining about bad service.

I'm no longer sure what the original agreement I signed says, besides, 
I've "changed" my service so many times without signing anything that 
its probably meaningless anymore.

And the only thing keeping me from upgrading to a business account is 
that the residential account comes with 15Mbps cable service anyways.  I 
think I've determined that anything over 5-6 Mbps looks the same to me, 
so I wouldn't be gaining much.  Oh, and I'm 9 months into a 24 month 
contract ATM.

> beww

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