[mythtv-users] Odd lirc behavior when using plasma display vs. CRT display

Scott Harris mythtv at webhounds.net
Tue Jun 24 20:10:13 UTC 2008

Larry K wrote:
> I have a FE running myth 0.20 on FC8 that has been happily working over 
> S-Video to a 27" Panasonic CRT TV.  Recently, I bought a new Panasonic 
> 50" plasma, so my intent is to connect this display using DVI-HDMI, 
> rather than S-Video, for obvious reasons.
> Anyway, since I have not yet configured xorg.conf for DFP output, I 
> simply plugged the S-Video cable into the new plasma as an interim 
> measure.  When I did this, lirc started behaving oddly.  It basically 
> does not respond to my remote, and when I run irw to test it out, it 
> very rarely (if ever) picks up the command.  If I simply unplug the 
> S-Video cable from the plasma and put it back on the old 27" CRT, 
> everything returns to normal.  Here, irw echos each and every command 
> flawlessly.  Mythtv responds flawlessly to my remote control as well.
> What in the world could be causing this odd behavior?  Why would the 
> display device affect lirc like this?  What can I do to correct this?  
> Oh.  I am running lirc from a serial port if that matters.

I had my 42" plasma horribly interfere with a StreamZap remote.  The
only way I could get any consistency was to move it 3 feet to the side
of the TV (not an option).  I did various tests with the receiver here,
there, tv off etc.  It was clearly the tv that was causing the issue.
I wound up changing to a MCE remote and haven't had any problems since.


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