[mythtv-users] Jetway JNC62K

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 24 02:06:46 UTC 2008

On Monday 23 June 2008 19:20:55 David Brodbeck wrote:
> Calvin Dodge wrote:
> > Good point. So, rather than using the price as a guide, I'll resort to
> > the recommendations of knowledgable folk
> > (http://forums.hardwareguys.com/)
> My rule of thumb has always been that if you absolutely, positively need
> to be sure it will work and be stable, buy a genuine Intel motherboard.
> It will cost you extra, but my experience with VIA boards has taught me
> everything else is a crap shoot.  I guess this is the modern version of
> "no one ever got fired for buying IBM." ;)

Hard to do when you want to use a non-Intel CPU, or want certain features 
(Intel boards have limited O/C for example).

I've has good luck with Asus, at least their higher end stuff, and of course 
Tyan makes decent boards.

As was mentioned earlier, server class boards are usually worth the extra cost 
if reliability is important, though a lot of them don't have AGP or 
PCIexpress slots and use ECC RAM which isn't really needed for a Myth system 
(well not a F/E at least).

I've had mixed luck with VIA: their motherboards are problematic, but the CPUs 
are OK if you want a low-power chip and understand the limitations (small 
cache, limited multimedia capability). They seem more popular in the 
teeny-tiny box category.


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