[mythtv-users] Apple TV FE with DVD Player?

Jeff Walther trag at io.com
Tue Jun 24 01:57:11 UTC 2008

>Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 14:38:29 -0400
>From: "Scott D. Davilla" <davilla at 4pi.com>

>The only 1080p content is HD-DVD and BlueRay. And I guess some
>European broadcasting of the air. Maybe HD-PRV but I don't remember
>if it can capture 1080p component. 1080i component yes.
>>Can 1080p content be converted by the backend into something less
>>beautiful and therefore playable by the ATV, such as 1080i or 720p?
>>If I build a front end from scratch are there minimum specs listed
>>somewhere for equipment to render 1080p?

>Since 1080p is mpeg4/h.264 and there are no Linux hardware assisted
>video decoders for that type of content. It's a pure cpu decode game
>with video card possibly doing re-scaling with GL. Not to start a cpu
>war but the Intel Core2 Duo smokes the AMDs but they will cost
>slightly more. That E7200 will be plenty of ponies and also not
>require a wind tunnel of fans to cool.
>Remember that a MacMini with 2GHz Core2 Duo and intel GM950 video
>chipset can handle 1080p. So any Core2 Duo faster than that or with
>better video is bonus.
>Also remember that nvidia 8xxx/9xxx series cards do not have any XvMC
>decode ability but with an E7200 class cpu, you don't need it.

Thank you, Scott.   You are a wonderful help.  You've cleared up 
several misty areas for me.   I think that all that remains is for me 
to make a decision as to which direction is most likely to suit my 
needs.   I had a fair bit of confusion about just how much processor 
power I needed and when XvMC was available, and whether there was any 
decode assist available for h.264 and you answered all those 
questions in one swell foop.

And it looks like I'll be sending more thanks your way if I go with 
the ATV since you wrote the instructions.    At the risk of getting 
embarrassing, Thank you.  Again.   I really appreciate the clear 

Jeff Walther

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