[mythtv-users] Audiophile and TV audio?

Joe Henley joehenley at kc.rr.com
Mon Jun 23 18:50:59 UTC 2008


When you say "SPDIF for my surround processor" I assume you mean you 
want to output a signal from your sound card SPDIF connector into a 
receiver/amp which will convert the digital signal from the SPDIF into 
analog and then output that thru your speakers. Ie., the digital to 
analog takes place in the receiver/amp.

If so, then from my experience, I'd recommend you use alsa drivers to 
send the signal thru the SPDIF.  STAY AWAY from PukeAudio, it is still 
far too buggy to use in complex environments.  With a receiver/amp to do 
your digital to analog conversions, you don't need to care about alsa's 
up-conversion capabilities.

As for drivers for your sound card, it's one I'm unfamiliar with.  You 
would probably do best by googling the primary dsp chip for info.  There 
are fewer of those than you might imagine, so many folks have luck with 
drivers for other card brands, but same dsp.  In my case, I found the 
alsa and alsa wiki sites helpful.

On the less positive side, if I recall correctly, there aren't many 
folks who have had success getting simultaneous output of SPDIF and 
analog (some output jack on the sound card).  You would probably have 
more success getting SPDIF to your reveiver/amp to work, then grab the 
additional analog you want from an auxillary output on the receiver/amp.

Good luck!  It's possible to do what you want with enough time, energy, 
and money.  ;-)

Joe Henley

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