[mythtv-users] Outputting AC3/DTS in analog too?

Marc MERLIN marc_mtv at merlins.org
Mon Jun 23 17:57:20 UTC 2008

My mythtv is connected into a denon AVR3808 receiver with a coax digital
This plays analog and digital audio just fine.

Problem is that I would like to send my sound to my second TV so that I can
display the same video/audio output to two TVs. I already have an HDMI
splitter and my picture goes to both TVs.
If my sound is analog, the denon receiver will also send it to its audio
output, to my second TV.
If it's digital, it will not do that.

Denon says that I need to connect a separate analog audio signal to its
input for that audio to go to the second TV.

Can I configure mythtv to downsample AC3/DTS to stereo and play AC3 on its
digital output like it does now _and_ analog downsampled audio to on its
analog out?

If not, I take it alsa can do that, but I've had very little luck with alsa
configs in the past. Do you have a pointer to a working alsa config that
will both
1) convert analog audio to digital and send both analog out and digital out
2) downconvert digital audio and send both the analog and original digital

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