[mythtv-users] `Mythbackend leaks memory` continued

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 23 15:14:21 UTC 2008

Johan Venter wrote:
> Linux at all. The numbers that he was picking as "evidence" (40% of the 
> system memory) as far as I am concerned were the virtual size of the 

Nope. ps man page:
%mem       %MEM     ratio of the process’s resident set size  to the
                    memory on the machine, expressed as a percentage.
                    (alias pmem).

top man page:
       n: %MEM  --  Memory usage (RES)
          A task’s currently used share of available physical memory.

> Udo, post the mythbackend line from top after restarting the backend and 
> then incrementally every 30 minutes (or whatever increment you feel 
> adequate to display the issue).

I currently have a job that runs `ps aux` every morning, filters the
mythbackend line and logs it.

> In the meantime allow some recordings to 
> happen, buffers to be allocated and free'd etc. 

Normally it runs all the time.

> Then post the results 
> for the knowledgable users on this list to decipher and let you know if 
> you have anything to worry about.

Will do.
Does `ps aux` give the right numbers? (doubt it, from reading your comment)

Kind regards,

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